Ah, the sun is finally shining through the clouds after a long, dragging winter with temperatures below zero and a snowstorm every three days. Well…that’s Buffalo, NY at least. Wherever
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For those of us who have never experienced a cancer diagnosis, imagining what it would be like sounds terrifying. But for those who have fought the good fight and are
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Men’s Health The week leading up to Father’s Day is celebrated as National Men’s Health Week. Placed strategically before the day when we celebrate the great dads of the world,
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MetaQil has got some BIG news! On April 23, 2018, the company announced the introduction of an 8 ounce bottle to the MetaQil product line. The new bottle offers 4
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If you’re familiar with MetaQil, you know that metallic taste can be cause by a variety of conditions. But, if you’ve never been exposed to our brand or the world
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Meat, fish, legumes, nuts, greens & vegetables. As previously mentioned in our blogs, sometimes food allergies can cause metallic tastes in your mouth. But sometimes, even the foods we eat
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WOMEN’S HEALTH Women are powerful. They are the ones that teach us life lessons, care for us when we’re sick, and watch us grow up. They’re inspiring, making great strides
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According to reports, about 4-5% of adults have food allergies, most often caused by allergy to “shellfish, tree nuts, fruits, tomatoes, fish, peanuts and some food additives”. Allergies to food
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April 11th is World Day, which is celebrated to increase awareness and raise money for research to find a cure for the disease. The national holiday falls on the birthday
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April 1st-7th is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. It was established to spread awareness about the most common form of cancer in young men ages 15-44, which if left undiagnosed, can
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