High blood pressure is a common health condition, especially in the elderly. It can cause heart disease and is a leading cause of stroke [1, 2]. It is managed through prescribed medications that have to be taken on a regular basis.

Do you or someone you know suffer from a metallic or foul taste?

Tell them about MetaQil.

The first-of-its-kind, OTC oral rinse to relieve metallic taste caused by GERD and a variety of medications.

Metallic Taste Disorder, also known as dysgeusia can develop suddenly or over time. Those affected may describe metallic taste as a “bad taste” in the mouth, which may cause loss of appetite and interfere with healthy eating habits.

MetaQil uses essential oils, monk fruit extract, cooling agents and other ingredients to provide relief from metallic, bitter or unpleasant taste.  

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At MetaQil, we understand how troublesome it can be to experience metallic and foul taste. That’s why we formulated MetaQil, a simple mouth rinse that provides relief from unpleasant tastes without interfering with necessary medications and healthy diet.

Learn more about MetaQil by clicking the buttons below. We work with physicians around the country to help their patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about MetaQil, or purchase on our website below.


MetaQil® Mouth Rinse

MetaQil mouth rinse alleviates metallic taste in the mouth, providing long-lasting comfort and relief.

While there currently is no permanent solution to eliminate metallic taste, MetaQil® has made it easier to temporarily alleviate it. The solution is safe, quick, and convenient to use.

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