Suffering From Metallic Taste?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much your doctors can do to prevent Metallic Taste caused by chemotherapy. With Cancer running rampant and no cure in sight, radiation treatment is almost standard when Cancer treatments begin. Many patients who receive radiation treatment have some side effects after the procedure, a common one being Dysgeusia (Metallic Taste). Luckily for you, we have developed an easy to use Oral Rinse (Similar to Mouthwash) that is clinically proven to alleviate taste distortion immediately! This unique formula is available for purchase to you in 2 convenient sizes online and in select pharmacies across the country. Don’t bother with “natural remedies” and don’t let weight loss or malnutrition set in, enjoy your favorite foods again, get your bottle today!

First-of-its-kind Oral Rinse

MetaQil is clinically proven to provide relief from metallic and unpleasant taste. Regular use also cools the mouth, providing long lasting comfort and fresh breath. Available in 2 oz. (Travel Size) or 8 oz. (Full Size) bottles!
85% of the participants in a clinical study preferred MetaQil over placebo and found out it alleviates metallic taste instantly

Facts About MetaQil:

Our scientifically designed formula alleviates metallic taste cause by chemotherapy and a variety of medications.

Innovative ingredients cool the mouth and provide instant, long-lasting relief and comfort.

Regular use can help those affected by taste disorders return to healthy, nutritious eating.

Usage is safe and quick-just rinse with 1 tsp. for 30 seconds as needed.

Available in convenient 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles.

Ordering is easy through Amazon Prime or at

Image of 2-oz bottle of MetaQil

MetaQil® Mouth Rinse

MetaQil mouth rinse alleviates metallic taste in the mouth, providing long-lasting comfort and relief.

While there currently is no permanent solution to eliminate metallic taste, MetaQil® has made it easier to temporarily alleviate it. The solution is safe, quick, and convenient to use.



*excluding 2 oz bottle