ammonia breath | battery acid taste | old penny taste | funny taste | bitter taste | cough to taste metallic | gross taste | strange taste | chalky taste | tin/tinney/tinnie taste | iron taste / taste of iron | salty taste | medicinal taste | copper taste | sour taste | foul taste


taking lithium; Chemotherapy; anti-epileptics/anticonvulsants; Antibiotics; sleeping pills; zinc deficiency; kidney issues/disease; high blood sugar; Dialysis; insect bites; Sjogrens; Diverticulitis; heart attack/stroke; Cancer Meds; surgery; Antipsychotics; Antimuscarinics; Rheumatoid Arthritis; balsamic vinegar; poisoning, Celiac, blood pressure medications; Vitamin B12; nuclear stress test; Antidepressant, Sedatives; Botulism; antituberculosis medications; Diverticulosis; Antacids; Immunosuppressive Drugs; hypothyroidism; nerve damage; Potassium Chloride; liver disease;

You may be experiencing Dysgeusia.

Dysgeusia, also known as parageusia, is a distortion of the sense of taste. Dysgeusia is also often associated with ageusia, which is the complete lack of taste, and hypogeusia, which is a decrease in taste sensitivity.
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If you have persistent metallic taste in your mouth, it is likely caused by medications, chemotherapy, radiation or certain health conditions. MetaQil® can help relieve the symptoms of metallic taste and make your mouth feel refreshed and normal again.

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    5 star review  I haven't been able to eat or even drink water for 2 weeks. Ive searched high and low and spent quite a bit trying products. I got my 2 oz bottle today and tried it. For the first time I was able to drink water and my nutrition drink without throwing up from the nasty metal taste. You have saved me from having to have a feeding tube put in. THANK YOU.....

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    5 star review  My mom is terminally ill and couldn't eat due to the metallic taste in her mouth. As I was searching the internet looking for some foods that she would be able to maybe taste, I came across this product! After reading about it, I decided to order her a bottle. Needless to say, my mom has been able to eat the past two days because of Metaqil!!! I highly recommend this to anyone that is having the same problem with their taste!

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