How are you exposed to chemicals?

Most chemical exposures come from the food we eat or from contact with polluted air, water, or soil. Chemicals that have been used for agricultural or industrial purposes are often the main cause of harmful chemical exposure to the human body. Farmers use pesticides and other fertilizers to aid in the growth of their crops, but these pollutants can become part of the soil, can run into the water, and can pollute the surroundings. Every day we breathe in air, drink water, and eat foods that have grown in these polluted environments. These actions are so common to us that we may not be aware that we are ingesting something harmful into our systems, in which case it is crucial for us to know the symptoms of chemical exposures and how to get the help we need to counteract the issue.

Metallic Taste & Chemical Exposure

First off, blood tests are necessary to determine any irregularities in your body and can help determine the causes of any symptoms you’re experiencing. If you suspect that you have been exposed to chemicals in your community or anywhere else, seeing a professional to determine the next step is important. Chemical exposures can manifest in many symptoms, such as vertigo, nerve issues, skin irritations, respiratory tract issues, Central Nervous System problems, and metallic taste in the mouth.

Metallic Taste Side Effect

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