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Alleviate Metallic Taste with MetaQil

MetaQil is a first-of-its-kind product that can help relieve the symptoms of metallic taste caused by cancer therapy, COVID-19, GERD, and other conditions.

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What is Metallic Taste?

Metallic taste is a taste disorder medically known as dysgeusia.

It is an abnormal or impaired sense of taste or an unpleasant alteration of a taste sensation. It’s usually described as a persistent metallic, sour, bitter or other unusual or bad taste in the mouth. 

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What is MetaQil?

MetaQil has helped thousands to Restore their Taste!

MetaQil has been scientifically developed to aid in metallic taste relief. You can expect instant relief with no “stingy” feeling that you may experience from a typical mouthwash. MetaQil contains essential oils and vitamins to help soothe and alleviate burning sensations leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and cool.  

MetaQil has a unique formula that contains Xylitol and Monk Fruit Extract. Xylitol is an ingredient which is a low calorie and low glycemic index sweetener. Xylitol aids in promoting good oral health. Monk fruit extract is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces plaque and inflammation in the mouth. 

Benefits of Metaqil

Instant Relief

MetaQil’s ingredients provide instant, long-lasting metallic taste relief

Safe Ingredients

All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. Learn more about our ingredients, here

Meets Most Dietary Restrictions

MetaQil is alcohol, gluten, and sugar-free, therefore MetaQil is safe to use for a majority of diets


MetaQil has mild mint flavor and does not burn the mouth

First of it's Kind

MetaQil is the only OTC product designed specifically for metallic taste (dysgeusia) relief

Travel Friendly

Use the 2 oz. bottle of MetaQil for on the go, whether it be during the day or for a trip

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