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“Really works to get rid of metallic taste in mouth from chemo treatments. Best if used right before. Wished product could’ve sold in a larger size. Two ounces is too small of a size. Thus I had to order several of them”

-Nancy Albany (Amazon Customer)

“This product really works for us who are going thru chemo it brings your taste buds back I can still enjoy food again”

-Robert Doty (Amazon Customer)

“My mom is terminally ill and couldn’t eat due to the metallic taste in her mouth. As I was searching the internet looking for some foods that she would be able to maybe taste, I came across this product! After reading about it, I decided to order her a bottle. Needless to say, my mom has been able to eat the past two days because of Metaqil!!! I highly recommend this to anyone that is having the same problem with their taste”

-Stephanie Fulkerson (Facebook response)