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What Do Our Customers Say?

How Does MetaQil Help with Chemotherapy & Metallic Taste?


Chemo therapy caused everything I ate to have a “metallic” annoying flavor. I tried several cures but NONE worked. MetaQil absolutely worked, now I can eat and taste!


Recommended by my radiation team. Has helped mask flavor change electric flavor, no flavor for liquid and solid soft meals. Actually, like it better than any other big brand mouthwash by the gallon. It’s not sweet or sticky


I'm in Chemotherapy, which is causing some canker sores in my mouth. Listerine, my normal mouthwash, stings when it touches the sores. MetaQil doesn't sting, and yes, it does appear to leave my mouth fresher.

How can MetaQil Help with Medications & Metallic Taste?


Husband who is currently on Docetaxel has enjoyed this product. His taste is completely destroyed and for him, it makes everything taste horrible. This mouthwash allows him to at least tolerate food without being turned off from eating altogether.


I have been on antibiotics for the past 40 days and was having a persistent metallic taste in my mouth that was making me nauseous 24/7. Brushing my teeth, mouthwash, etc. did not work to get rid of the taste. After using this, the taste almost instantly cleared up and it seems to be lasting for a pretty long time.


I was dealing with Metallic taste due to medication and this rinse really helped.

Metallic Taste Relief By MetaQil


It is the ONLY product that has given me relief!


Metallic taste went away in 10 days with use of twice per day


I really feel that MetaQil helps with the bitter taste that I am experiencing. I usually use it 2 to 3 times a day and notice relief instantly.