The Science Behind Metallic Taste

What is taste?

Many people don’t understand how taste buds function. Every human is born with around 10,000 taste buds, declining as you grow older.

The taste buds on your tongue have clusters of cells within them. Once you chew, drink and digest, molecules are released, hitting the taste bud cells. Those cells then send a signal to your brain, allowing you to know what the food or drink tastes like. These signals will allow you to identify if your food is sweet, sour, salty or bitter.

So, why do some people like certain types of food and drinks, while others don’t?

Things taste differently to each individual due to their perception of taste. Many people never recognize the importance of their ability to taste things, until they are no longer capable of doing so.

When someone has a metallic taste it’s because those taste bud cells are temporarily damaged, altering the signal to the brain.