Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

April 1st-7th is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week. It was established to spread awareness about the most common form of cancer in young men ages 15-44, which if left undiagnosed, can become very deadly. This type of cancer develops in testicle cells and has the potential to spread rapidly. Tumors can even double in size within a 10 day period. If the cancer is diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, there is a high chance for survival, with the risk of death being 1 in 5,000. Although the survival rates are fairly high (over 95%), this doesn’t mean that self-examinations and early discovery isn’t important. The rate at which the cancer can spread to the abdomen, lungs, and surrounding areas of the body is very high and therefore early detection is imperative. It is important to examine yourself and report and abnormalities to a doctor immediately.

If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, MetaQil may be the perfect solution for metallic taste caused by these treatments.

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