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How Does MetaQil Help with Chemotherapy & Metallic Taste?


A lifesaver. I have been unable to eat or drink hardly anything because of the awful taste left in my mouth from chemotherapy. Was having to get frequent iv fluids due to dehydration. This was recommended by a fellow cancer warrior so I tried it. Works wonders.


This works well to rid the metal and dirt taste my mom gets after her chemotherapy treatments.


My mother has been doing chemotherapy and radiation therapy and has not been wanting to eat for the past month. She said every time she would try to eat either everything tasted sour, metallic, or too salty. I bought her this after reading some reviews and looking more into it online... all I can say is that she has been finally eating, does not complain of taste and she doesn’t mind the taste at all. I will definitely be buying more of this product!

How can MetaQil Help with Medications & Metallic Taste?

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Metallic Taste Relief By MetaQil


It works!


I couldn't eat at all due to metallic taste in my mouth. MetaQil arrived late in the eve. It took just two rinses and I was able to eat something. And the next morning, after another rinse, I was a reborn person - could eat again!