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Burning Mouth Syndrome and taste

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a term for an uncommon, chronic burning sensation in the mouth, lips, or surrounding area. It is often accompanied with taste dysfunction (dysgeusia, taste phantoms) or dry mouth (xerostomia). Dry mouth by itself can also induce burning sensation in the mouth without being true BMS.

Those who experience BMS often report having the feeling of a scalded mouth. This sensation can make it very uncomfortable to eat, talk, and sleep. In severe cases, the discomfort from BMS can increase the risk for anxiety and depression.

Burning mouth syndrome causes can be divided in two categories: primary and secondary. Primary burning mouth syndrome occurs when a patient doesn’t have any underlying medical conditions. Secondary burning mouth syndrome occurs as an effect of certain health conditions. They include hormonal changes, adverse reactions to dental products, dry mouth, acid reflux, etc. It can also be caused by many medications.

BMS patients often report taste disturbances. One of such disturbances is an alteration (distortion) in taste perception. It can be described as a changed perception of salt, sweet, sour and bitter tastes. Sour and bitter can taste stronger, sweet weaker, and salt either stronger or weaker than before. Another taste disturbance is a persistently altered taste (dysgeusia) or phantom tastes. Taste disturbances have been reported in 11–69% of the BMS patients.

For the secondary BMS, treatment usually focuses on resolving underlying health problems. Primary BMS, however, is harder to deal with because there is no obvious cause. In both cases, treatment strategies often include working on symptom relief. The doctor may recommend dry mouth relief products, changes in diet, pain control medications, etc.

There are many treatments that deal with side effects like dry mouth and pain. But there isn’t many ways to relieve taste alterations like persistent bitter or metallic taste. That is why we designed MetaQil – a mouth rinse that alleviates unpleasant taste sensations. To the best of our knowledge, MetaQil is the only over-the-counter product on the market to comfort metallic taste.

MetaQil may be particularly useful to patients with BMS. Its gentle formula with mild flavor doesn’t sting the mouth or throat, and doesn’t irritate digestive system.

MetaQil is a new product and is available online, at certain pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Ask your doctor or dentist if they have free samples of MetaQil for you to try. You may also order MetaQil here and on Amazon.


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MetaQil® Mouth Rinse

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