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GERD and Metallic Taste

Image - Woman with acid reflux, chest and stomach discomfort

Most patients are familiar with common symptoms of GERD such as nausea, vomiting, belching, and dry cough. It is very common that GERD causes metallic taste, a taste disorder medically known as dysgeusia.

What You’re Eating May Be Causing Metallic Taste

can eating cause metallic taste 11

What You’re Eating May Be Causing Metallic Taste What is Metallic Taste? Metallic taste is a taste disorder known as dysgeusia. It is an abnormal or impaired sense of taste that is often described as persistent metallic, bitter, sour, or other bad taste in the mouth. Metallic taste can develop suddenly or over longer periods […]

Metallic Taste & Vitamins

Metallic Taste and Vitamins 1

Metallic Taste & Vitamins Can Vitamins Cause a Metallic Taste In Mouth? Yes! Vitamins are a very common cause of metallic taste in your mouth. Multivitamins that contain metals such as copper, zinc, or chromium, commonly leave a metallic taste in your mouth. Additionally, iron, and calcium supplements have also been linked to leaving a foul taste in your mouth. The good news is […]