Poor Oral Hygiene & Metallic Taste: Are They Related? 


Metallic taste is a condition also known as dysgeusia, which creates a metallic taste in the mouth and can be caused by a myriad of conditions. From prescription medications to CNS disorders, the list of metallic taste causes is extensive and high in variety. Although many of these conditions seem to be more serious, there is one simple cause of metallic taste that is preventable: poor oral hygiene.


Behaviors like not brushing your teeth twice or more a day, skipping out on flossing, and eating sugary/acidic foods constantly are all things that can cause problems with your oral health.

All of these poor behaviors can lead to Gingivitis, a condition of inflammation of the gums that can result in tooth decay, bad breath, metallic taste, and more. Luckily, metallic taste in the mouth is the one which can be easily preventable. Maintaining simple behaviors that improve and promote good oral health can help stop the problem before it begins.

If you need more help determining a plan of action for your oral health, it’s important to see a dentist for their recommendations. Make sure to brush, floss, mouth rinse, and see a dentist twice a year to maintain your optimal oral health and prevent that dreaded taste of metal in your mouth.

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